We are excited to be preparing for SEMA 2018.  Expect some surprises to be announced soon.  It has been a very busy year and we appreciate the great response to our products.  We will be offering two versions of TopDog-V while we complete testing on Filteröl.  We will continue to sell the full version of TopDog-V at a discounted price of $199 until November 30 and the lighter version at $115.  This includes all taxes and shipping. Click the "BUY NOW" or  Pricing button for further details and to go to the PayPal site.


At SEMA, we launched Filteröl, a lower-cost version of TopDog-V.  While we are working out a few bugs, we are offering, until November 30, 2018, a lite version of TopDog-V at $115 ($99 plus s/h). 

TopDog-V is our premier package.  In addition to the mated system adapter and nipple, it includes two Donaldson premium bypass filters, a high quality remote mount, and several rare earth magnets. TopDog-V will remain at the sales price of $199 (inclusive) until November 30, 2018.

Pricing is slightly higher for vehicles with oil filters with a diameter of 4.25" or larger ($235) and are currently limited to vehicles with a thread of 1.5"-16.  We can make adjustments for volume orders.

*We support over 98% of all light vehicle aftermarket vehicle spin-on oil filters, including:                                                                                                                        3/4"-16, 13/16-16, 18mm x 1.5, 20mm x 1.5, 22mm x 1.5, 1"-12, 1"-16, 1.5"-16.                                                                                                                                               Please contact us if you are unsure, or your application is not listed.

Additional Donaldson bypass filters are available at $25 each.  We can add up to two per kit without increasing the shipping costs.  Please contact us if you want more than two additional filters.  


There will be additional costs for international shipping in the form of tariffs, higher shipping costs, and perhaps other charges.  You should check with your customs office for details.  

International shipping can take several weeks.  We provide ground rates to keep the cost down.  If you want priority shipping, let us know and we will provide the current USPS rates to you.