We are excited to be preparing for SEMA 2018.  Expect some surprises to be announced soon.  It has been a very busy year and we appreciate the great response to our products.  We will be offering two versions of TopDog-V while we complete testing on Filteröl.  We will continue to sell the full version of TopDog-V at a discounted price of $199 until November 30 and the lighter version at $115.  This includes all taxes and shipping. Click the "BUY NOW" or  Pricing button for further details and to go to the PayPal site.

Since 1999, Pareto Point Industries (PPI)  has been developing and marketing smart oil management products that “super-clean” oil in vehicles, equipment, and machinery.  Having the cleanest possible oil is often overlooked, but it is critical for getting the best and longest lasing performance from your engine.  PPI takes great pride in ensuring that our products are affordable, easy to install, and green.

PPI is working with its business partner, the Donaldson Company, among others, to explore other possible applications in oil and hydraulic fluids, bringing our proprietary technology to a broad range of markets . Please stay tuned. 

Pareto Point Industries is located in the PortTechLA business accelerator center, located near the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, CA.

Pareto Point Industries was founded in 1999 by:

Mr. Adan Reinosa, P.E., President

Adan holds advanced degrees in Engineering and Management, and has 35+ years expertise in developing innovative auto related products.  As lead engineer, he has successfully prosecuted patents, and enjoys working on high performance vehicles.  Along the way, he has completely disassembled and reassembled his 1984 Porsche 911SC and several other valuable vehicles, learning more about their inner workings every time.  Adan is responsible for new product development and technology transfer.  He is fluent in Spanish.

Dr. Robert (Bob) Hammer, CEO

Bob holds a Ph.D. in Systems.  With 45+ years experience as an executive, a professor, and an International business consultant, and over 16 years in the automotive industry, he is responsible for corporate planning, marketing, and communications. Bob enjoys sailing, off-road and foreign travel, and has restored several classic vehicles including a 1948 Packard (Henney) Hearse and a 1952 MG-TD.  After several years of assiduously avoiding becoming an Officer and a Gentleman, Bob received an Honorable Discharge from the US Navy in 1973.

Pareto Point Industries has won a number of awards and recognition by industry experts, technical editors, bloggers, and customer testimonials. Representative recognition includes:

  • SEMA – Best Product, Trucks (Runner-Up)
  • Global Media Awards from Mexico and South Africa
  • Cleantech Open National (Semi-Finalist)
  • CMTC "Made in America" Manufacturer Recognition
  • PortTechLA EXPO Competition (Finalist)
  • Diesel World – Top 50 Hot New Products (twice)
  • CalTech Green Entrepreneur Recognition as a ‘Gamechanger’ technology
  • Off-Road Magazine (and others) – Best New Product
  • Consistently positive mentions on many blogs and forums (e.g., Bob’s the Oil Guy; FJ Bruiser)
  • PPI has several agreements with the Donaldson Company to further develop our current and future technologies. The two companies are actively pursuing new applications and entering new markets.

    The Donaldson Company, with $3B in annual sales and representation in over 160 countries, reaches its 100 year anniversary in 2015. (

    About Our Name

    We have occasionally been asked where our name comes from, which we consider a good thing. 

    The Pareto Principle, or as it is better known, the 80/20 rule of optimization, is named after Vilfredo Pareto, an early 20 th century economist. We take pride in offering products that do exceptional work without embellishments or unneeded additional costs that do not add an equal amount of value.