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The problem with quotes you find on the Internet is that it can be hard to verify their authenticity.  --  Abraham Lincoln 

It is impossible to list all of the resources we found useful in shaping our decisions on how to design, build, and validate our products. Here are some that we found to be most relevant to us. From time to time, we will add to this list, with the latest additions placed at the top.

It is possible that some of these articles will be removed from the Internet over time. If you want to review an article and are having trouble finding it, please let us know and we will see if we can provide an alternative link. We will not knowingly violate copyright; if we know that the article is not available for general consumption, we will direct you to the publisher or author.

Advantages of Bypass Filters.  Machinery Lubrication. Noria

Bypass Filtration Made Easy: TopDog V.   Kevin Blumer. 4-Wheeler magazine. September, 2010.

By-Pass Oil Filtration.   An article posted on the Blackstone Lab site

  • “After having run many tens of thousands of diesel engine oil samples, it is our opinion that a by-pass oil filtration system is one of the most important factors in extending oil drains. If you are interested in extended oil drains, we suggest you investigate adding this type of system to your engine.”

Clean Oil Reduces Engine Fuel Consumption.   Jim Fitch,  Machinery Lubrication:  Noria 2002

Correlating Lube Oil Filtration Efficiencies with Engine Wear.   SAE Truck and Bus Meeting and Exposition (Technical Paper 881825). D. R. Staley,1988.

  • This seminal article summarizes testing (by General Motors) on a heavy duty diesel engine and an automotive gasoline engine.  Study found that the level of filtration in an engine has a significant impact on wear rates due to abrasive particles. The results were consistent between the vehicles.

Total Filtration: The Influence of Filter Selection on Engine Wear, Emissions and Performance. Barris, M.A., The Donaldson Company, 1995. SAE Fuels and Lubricants (Paper 952557).

  • Article relates to filter efficiency and internal combustion engine wear (focused on diesel) using the Donaldson Total Filtration™ model: changes in lube oil and fuel consumption, changes in particulate matter (PM) emissions, a profile of PM emissions by source, normalized wear ratings, and engine life. Model case studies are reviewed and specific prediction examples are provided.

U .S. Department of Energy - FreedomCAR & Vehicle Technologies Program: Oil Bypass Filter Technology Evaluation Final Report. Larry Zirker, James Francfort, Jordan Fielding. Idaho National Laboratory

Evaluation of High Efficiency Oil Filters in the CA State Fleet. Cal-EPA (Dept. of Toxic Substances): Ed Benelli, Principal Researcher, June 2008 Publication #IWMB-2008-020

Supplemental Filtration Aims For Extended Component Life: By-pass filtration for oil-using systems and additional filters for fuel systems can pay dividends.   Walt Moore, Editor, Construction Equipment. June 27, 2014

Understanding Engine Oil Bypass Filtration.   Jeremy Wright. Machinery Lubrication, Noria. August, 2012.

Protecting Your Power Train: Using Bypass Parallel Cross-Flow Magnetic Oil Filtration.   Adan Reinosa, Robert J. Hammer and Valentin Amezquita, Pareto Point Industries, Inc. Machinery Lubrication: November-December 2006.

  • A White Paper written by PPI showing how MagDog offers a number of unique advantages over other magnetic filtration devices, including its very high particle retention rate, unaffected by cold starts or high-demand surges, etc.

AASA Report Shows Unperformed Car Maintenance Represents 27% Of Total Aftermarket Potential, But Larger Concern Is Vehicle Safety . September 24, 2013

Vehicle Technologies Office.  Annual Progress Reports: U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

A Comprehensive Technical Handbook on Motor Oil, Lubrication and Filtration.   Authored by: Dave Mann, Lubrication Specialist and Truck/Automotive Engineer

  • A motor oil and filtration book. Easy read. Case: a Ford F350 Power Stroke Diesel truck accumulated 68,611 miles without an oil change using by-pass filtration and synthetic oil. The bypass system saved about $2000.00, not including the increased fuel economy and performance improvements, and also found less internal wear than a comparable engine using petroleum oil and standard full flow filtration, changed every 3000 miles.

Lubrication - Maintenance Cost or Opportunity?   Mark Barnes, Machinery Lubrication. Noria Corporation

Squeezing Every Last Cent from Your Oil.   Machinery Lubrication. Noria

  • An interesting read on the value you get from a drop of oil. As a side note, oil change cost at a nuclear plant found that the apparent oil change costs (new oil + labor) at $65; but the actual oil change costs, having nothing to do with the nuclear business, but other influences came to $988.70!

A Fleet Manager's Survival Guide for Doing More with Less.   Sean Lyden, January 2012, Work Truck Magazine.

Insider Secrets to Hydraulics.   Branden Casey.   A book and technical bulletin from an expert in hydraulics.

  • Casey shows that more than 70% of spare parts sold for hydraulic equipment are used to replace defective components. And the cause of 90% of these defects can be traced to improper operation or maintenance.

Diesel Injector Deposits:  An Issue That Has Evolved with Engine Technology.  Barker, J., Richard, P., Snape, C., and Meredith, W. SAE Technical Paper 2011-01-1923, 2011, doi:10.4271/2011-01-1923.

  • Diesel engines have seen recent growth in popularity in light duty applications. As the technology evolves to meet ever stricter emissions legislation, engines become more sensitive to deposit formation resulting from changes in fuel quality.

Methods of test for full-flow lubricating oil filters for internal combustion engines -- Part 12: 

Procedure for Determining the Allowable Particle Contamination for Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment (FIE).   Alexander von Stockhausen, Martin P. Mangold and Dieter Eppinger.  SAE Int. J. Fuels Lubr.2(1):294-304, 2009, doi:10.4271/2009-01-0870.

  • Increasing injection pressures together with Diesel fuel lubricated Common Rail pumps replacing oil lubricated systems demand a more sophisticated investigation of robustness and durability against particle contamination of fuel. This paper describes a series of testing protocols for a better understanding of damage due to particle contamination.

Cummins MPG Guide: Secrets of Better Fuel Economy: The Physics of MPG

Case Study:  Impact of Poor Diesel Fuel Quality on an Urban Fleet. B. Verdegan, C. Burbrink, D. Johnson, H. Amirkhanian. Cummins Filtration Inc. AFS 2013 Spring Conference Minneapolis, MN May 6-9, 2013

Why Cheap Air and Oil Filters Cost More.   Article posted in Machinery Lubrication – Noria. 

  • Most organizations that manage mobile equipment fleets are too casual about controlling particle contamination in engine oil. Many don't set target cleanliness levels for crankcase oils and don't ask their oil analysis labs to report cleanliness levels.

Impact of Friction Reduction Technologies on Fuel Economy for Ground Vehicles.  G. R. Fenske, R. A. Erck, O. O. Ajayi, A. Masoner, and A. S. Comfort. A presentation to the NDIA. Aug 13, 2009.

Beneficial Effects of Bypass Filtration For Contamination Reduction In Diesel Engines.  David Cline, Parker Hannifin Corporation, Racor Division

Tier-4 Environmental Challenges Hydraulic Maintenance.   Walt Moore, Editor, Construction Equipment. May, 2013

Good news/Not so good news:  U.S. foresees gas-powered vehicles dominating through 2040.  David Shepardson, Detroit News.  December, 2013

Online Quality Control Filtration System Used in Hydraulic Oil Process.    Ramzi Fayad, PhD; HadiAbou-Chakra, PhD.  Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Faculty of Engineering, Beirut Arab University, Lebanon. European Scientific Journal July 2014 edition vol.10, No.21 ISSN: 1857 – 7881 (Print) e - ISSN 1857- 7431

  • Excessive heart caused by friction in machinery damages components. Lubrication reduces breakdowns and increases life cycle, and also helps to dissipate heat. This experiment using a deep media found improved oil cleanliness level, increased machine performance, increased component life, increased fluid life, reduced downtime and fewer repairs

Survey Finds Driver Safety, Fuel, and Maintenance Are Top Fleet Manager Concerns in Next 12 - 18 Months. Automotive Fleet Magazine Survey, Mike Antich. March 2012.

LA Times on the new California campaign to reduce motor oil waste by extending service intervals   J. Hirsch.