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(1)    2008 FJ Cruiser Test results from a 30,000 mile field test

30,200 miles (27,100 to 57,300)

Castrol 10-40 (nonsynthetic) oil

One full-flow oil change made

1.25 quarts make-up oil added

Key comparisons of metals as reported on the final oil analysis results taken by Blackstone Laboratories:  


Iron (Fe)

Chronium (Cr)

Copper (Cu)

Lead (Pb)

Aluminum  (Al)

Silver (Ag)

Tin (Sn)

Acceptable level (PPM)

100 to 200

10 to 30

10 to 50

40 to 100

10 to 30

2 to 5

10 to 30

Level found in the FJ Cruiser








Engine problems caused by wear

Cylinder liner, valve, gear train, oil pump

Piston ring

Bearings, bushings, oil cooler


Piston, thrust bearing



(2)    Comparison Chart of Major Magnetic Removal Strategies 


Strap-on devices

In-Pan and Magnetic Sump Plug

How Tested

SWRI - Independent Laboratory

SWRI and others

None found

Test Results

97+% capture and hold rate at <1 micron over 24 hour testing period 

Up to 85% capture rate, due to smaller attraction area.

None found

Magnetic Attraction.

Direct contact between ferrous debris and magnets

No direct contact.  Filter wall presents a barrier, potential for sloughing

Direct contact between ferrous debris and magnets


Quick, easy visual display at any time by removing filter and opening device

Filter must be cut open to see debris

Drop pan or remove drain plug


Yes.  Higher magnetic strength;  cooling fins; real-time flow monitoring, etc.

Yes.  Higher magnetic strength

Yes.  Stronger magnets


Yes.  Access Ports




Quick and easy during any oil change

Easy install.  May require special tool or exceotional strength for removal

Must drop pan; may require special plug with very small surface attraction area

Specialized Uses

On-the-fly inspections;  stacking; access for diagnostics packages;  Non-wheeled vehicle applications 

Non-wheeled vehicle applications

Non-wheeled vehicle applications

(3)     Magnetic Filtration Independent Test Results