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Working with the Donaldson Company, we offer Bulk Filtration for diesel fuel and other hydraulic fluid storage protection. The problem is simple to understand: If the fuel coming out of your bulk tank is dirty, the on-board filters on your vehicles and equipment must work much harder to protect the engine. This means more clogged filters, more maintenance, and more downtime.

As diesel fuel is transported by truck, rail, or pipeline, it picks up dirt particles. A 10,000 gallon bulk delivery will contain about 1.5 pounds of dirt and other particles, which passes into your storage tank to mix with the contaminants and condensation already present and building there!  

The Donaldson Bulk Filtration System cleans fluids by the strategic placement of filters

  • Clean fluids prior to storage where the flow rate is steady to maximize the filtration process
  • Protect fluids by installing a quality breather on the storage tank to remove airborne contaminants and ambient humidity
  • Polish fluids on the outlet before dispensing into equipment

Typical storage tank contaminated with dirt, water, and microbial growth

Donaldson Bulk Fuel and Lube offers a complete range of custom and standard filtration products specifically targeted to reducing equipment downtime and lowering your total cost of ownership.

Bulk Filtration Kits  filter to an ISO 14/13/11 diesel cleanliness level in a single pass. It is highly recommended for all diesel and biodiesel blends.

The Bulk Filtration Kit can be installed in minutes; and filters can be swapped out as they clog, meaning no unexpected downtime. The kit are sized to meet customer high or low capacity, and other requirements.