We are excited to be preparing for SEMA 2018.  Expect some surprises to be announced soon.  It has been a very busy year and we appreciate the great response to our products.  We will be offering two versions of TopDog-V while we complete testing on Filteröl.  We will continue to sell the full version of TopDog-V at a discounted price of $199 until November 30 and the lighter version at $115.  This includes all taxes and shipping. Click the "BUY NOW" or  Pricing button for further details and to go to the PayPal site.


Because your full-flow filter must work fast and furiously, it is unable to screen the smallest and most dangerous contaminants.   Filteröl removes this debris by diverting a small, continuous stream of oil through a slow and thorough complementary bypass filter with a much denser filter media, returning the finely cleaned oil to the main flow before it enters the engine. 

Quantifiable operating and maintenance benefits include: 

  1. Better mileage 
  2. Lower labor costs 
  3. Reduced inventory demand 
  4. Less disposal costs (and toxic waste handling) 
  5. An improved environmental footprint

Filteröl is a bolt-on product that fits virtually all spin-on oil filters.  Easy to install, it requires no engine modification, and maintenance intervals can be extended to once or twice per year.  The bypass filter is rated to about 25,000 miles, and, as it shares the load with the bypass filter, the full-flow filter will have a far greater service life.  A premier Donaldson filter, with a 2-6 microns capture rate is included in the kit, along with a mount and all necessary hoses and fittings.  Filteröl is provided with a one year limited warranty.