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Why does my new engine need more protection than what is already provided by the factory installed full-flow filter?

Hard metal debris, such as iron, when colliding with a component made of equal or softer metal, can cause a condition known as 'engine wear'. Breaking in a new or rebuilt engine, or subjecting the engine to an extreme environment, such as racing or off-roading, can lead to premature failure of critical engine and drivetrain components.

Simply put, those tiny ferrous particles that are whizzing around your engine are like bullets, and can be just as damaging. Containing ferrous debris is critical to optimizing engine performance and longevity. See Protecting Your Power Train, an article we wrote for Machinery Lubrication on the importance of magnetic filtration

How does MagDog work and what makes it different from other similar devices?

As you drive, your oil comes into direct contact with capped Neodymium (Rare Earth) magnets. These magnets are unaffected by high heat and vibration and are easy to clean and maintain. Captured ferrous debris will remain trapped in the MagDog chamber, or “quiet zone” until the device is opened and cleaned.

Because of this “quiet zone,” MagDog is uniquely immune to particle cluster wash-off that may be reintroduced into the engine during cold-starts or heavy acceleration/decceleration. This approach also protects the engine from reinjection of this debris if there is an oil surge.

Engine builders are now able to monitor if there seems to be excessive amounts of debris on the magnets during the break-in cycle by seeing “clouds” or other signs of excessive wear. builders can opt to sell MagDog to their customer, providing a new revenue stream; they can use it on another vehicle later, or simply give it to the customer as a ‘thank you’ gift. We provide kits that are specifically designed for this purpose.

What about installation, cleaning, and maintenance?

Installation is simple and quick. As you change your full-flow filter, just place MagDog between the engine and the new filter. A fitted nipple, gaskets, and complete instructions are provided. Installation should take about a minute.

Clean the unit by simply opening it and wiping the magnets and concentrator caps with a towel. Or, you can open it anytime, just to take a look. 

What proof do you have regarding the validity of magnetic filtration?

Magnetic filtration is considered by leading equipment experts to be a best practice. Specifically for vehicle use, MagDog was tested by one of the top labs in the country, as well as field testing on a number of different types of vehicles under extreme and normal real world conditions.  See References.. 

What else should I know?

How magnetic filtration is accomplished is also important to consider, as there are many alternatives on the market. Some magnets are simply placed in the pan, others attached to the drain plug. Then there are products that strap-on to the outside of the filter itself. We have developed a comparison chart (Tables) that you can review. Note how MagDog

  • forces the oil into direct contact with the magnets,
  • takes advantage of the full magnetic attraction area, and
  • puts  debris into a contained ‘quiet zone', ready for cleaning or inspection at any time.

Never any need to cut open the filter or remove the pan. MagDog is ideal for those who need to change their oil frequently, and for builders looking to see how the newly installed parts are fitting.  

See a MagDog installation and maintenance slide show overview  >>

Note: Due to its different internal architecture, MagDog cannot be upgraded to TopDog-V.