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MagDog is a magnetic oil filtration device that removes dangerous ferrous (metal) debris. Sited between the engine and spin-on oil filter, it can be installed in a few minutes during any oil/filter change. The inability of your full-flow filter to trap virtually particles smaller than 20 microns is discussed in the references; with ferrous debris being the most dangerous. Up to 98% of engine-damaging ferromagnetic debris that would through your full-flow filter and be sent into the chamber is captured and held by MagDog per pass.  

MagDog uses extremely powerful Neodymium (Rare Earth) magnets; with each magnet having a concentrator cap that significantly increases its magnetic surface attraction area. The caps also provide a secondary defense to prevent reinjection of debris in case of an oil surge. MagDog is simple to install, inspect, and clean. An access port for gauges, other devices, or oil sampling is also provided. 

Unlike PBF and TopDog-V, which offer a full complement of asset protection, MagDog focuses only on removal of ferrous (metallic) debris. It is ideal for breaking in new or rebuilt engines, for racers, and for any spin-on filter user who makes frequent and expensive oil changes. Opening and inspecting the magnets can give you a gross sense of what is occurring during break-in, after a few heats or a day of hot and hard off-road racing.  See Table 2 for a comparison of magnetic filtration strategies.

MagDog beats the others (see Table 3 for independent test results):

  • Maximum capture of ferrous debris through direct contact with the oil
  • Easy installation/inspection/removal
  • No need to remove during filter change
  • Easy to inspect and clean
  • Concentrator caps increase surface magnetic attraction area by up to 22%
  • Quiet zone prevents debris reinjection if the bypass valve opens
  • Easy access
  • Scalable and stackable

Magnets and cap exposed

Magnet removed for inspection during a Baja Race.  Note the cloud of debris.

MagDog sits between the engine and the full-flow filter.  Easy to access and inspect at your convenience. 

MagDog Can Reduce Unexpected Repair Costs

Stressed engine may experience a catastrophic failure (see Testimonials). These pictures depict an incident where MagDog picked up debris after a customer's engine had spun a rod. This helped minimize further damage due to reinjection

Engine builders can inspect the magnets any time during the break-in period to get an idea if abnormal wear is occurring. They can also sell or give the unit to their customer, or use it later on another vehicle. This can provide an additional revenue stream or build customer good will.

What about installation, cleaning, and maintenance?

Installation is simple. When replacing your full-flow spin-on oil filter, just inset MagDog between the engine and the new filter. A fitted nipple and gaskets are provided. 

After several oil changes, MagDog is cleaned by opening it and wiping down the magnets and concentrator caps with a shop towel. Or, you can open it and look at the magnets at any time. No need to cut the filter or remove the pan. MagDog is perfect for those who need to change oil frequently, as it provides a great instant visual of how your engine is performing any time you want to see it.

Remember that this is a rudimentary visual test as the individual debris is smaller than we can see. However, you will see if “debris clouds” are present (see magnet picture above). You should always confirm any suspicions you might have.  

See an overview of the MagDog installation and maintenance process >>

Note: Due to its different internal architecture, MagDog cannot be upgraded to TopDog-V.