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What is oil bypass filtration

Oil bypass filtration is a process where a small amount of your motor oil is diverted into a secondary (in our case, parallel) filter, where small but damaging particles, far below the capacity of your full-flow filter to capture, are removed. This simple, but powerful action significantly improves your engine’s performance, increases longevity, improves mileage, lowers emissions, and more.

Why is oil bypass filtration important?

Grit happens; and oil cleanliness directly impacts to your engine’s performance. Horsepower, mileage, emissions, and longevity are all affected. A full-flow filter cannot be too restrictive, or the bypass valve will open, allowing debris to flow directly into the engine gallery. Because of this restriction, the filter media can only capture debris to about 25 microns (a micron is a unit of measure, with a grain of table salt about 100 microns (µ) in size).at its lower end. Yet study findings have consistently shown that almost 90% of premature engine/component failures are caused by debris smaller than 10 microns! By working slowly and thoroughly, bypass filtration is the ideal solution for trapping and holding these smaller contaminants. See References for discussion on why 10 microns is important, and the results from a 30,000 mile experiment using a 2008 FJ Cruiser (Chart 1).

How does TopDog-V work?

Before it can enter the full-flow filter, a small amount of oil is continuously diverted by our patented System Adapter and Nipple, into a bypass filter, containing a less porous filter media where it is slowly and thoroughly ‘super-cleaned.’ This clean oil is then sent directly into the engine gallery (unlike the legacy systems which send it either to the sump or the valve cover). Statistically, the entire volume of a five quart lube system will be finely cleaned about every ten minutes. TopDog-V’s innovative piping system is energy efficient and easy to install, several of the reasons PPI has been awarded a patent and industrial recognition.

What are the benefits of maintaining finely cleaned oil?

The most important benefits include better fuel efficiency, lower emissions, longer engine life, and extended service intervals. Using an oil bypass filtration system saves you time and money. In fact, with TopDog-V, payback in as little as 6-8 months has been reported. A typical passenger-type vehicle, travelling about 14,000 miles per year and getting around 18 mpg should pay itself off in about nine months or less. If that same vehicle uses TopDog-V for about 6 years, the savings can be about 10 times the initial cost.

Sending finely clean oil directly to the engine gallery, where it is needed, is extremely efficient. In addition to better mileage and lower maintenance costs, TopDog-V produces a smaller, more sustainable environmental footprint, including fewer emissions, longer oil/filter service life, etc.

Won’t this void my warranty?

No. TopDog-V has a 1 year limited warranty. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (Sec.700.10 Section 102(c)) states that no dealer or manufacturer can void a warranty simply because an add-on performance accessory has been installed, or a vehicle’s maintenance practices have been changed. (1). Under this Act, the OEM’s are responsible for their product, and the aftermarket provider for theirs. Many OEMs are on record supporting this position regarding bypass filtration. 

What else should I know about TopDog V?

  • TopDog-V Kits come in three sizes: 4.5” ($285.00), 3.5”, and 3.0” (both $240.00). Since it is scalable, more sizes can be made available, given sufficient demand.
  • TopDog-V kits currently mate only to spin-on oil filters. Canister kits will be available soon; call for more details.
  • Each TopDog-V kit comes with a System Adapter and matched Nipple, hoses and fittings, a remote mount, two Donaldson bypass grade oil filters, Allen Wrench(s),and instructions.
  • TopDog-V Videos and other useful information is available on the Net (see sources)
  • TopDog-V can easily be ‘upgraded’ to steel braided hoses and AN fittings
  • Group discounts and dealer opportunities are available   

See a quick slide show of the installation process >>