We hope this finds you and yours safe.  We remain open for business and are continuing our offer of $200 for 3" and 3.5" Top Dog systems for our consumer customers. We scored yet another award at the 2019 SEMA Show and are looking forward to SEMA 2020 in November,  Please call us to order or to discuss other types of orders.  We continue to offer deep discounts for commercial accounts and based on some early interest, now offer military discounts as well. See the following link:




Note:  We often go to venues as attendees.  When ever possible, we will post such occurences.  Please feel free to contact us if you are attending and want to link up,

SEMA 2020.  Booth # TBD South Hall, Upper.   We will be doing demos, showing off new Advanced Filtration products, providing SEMA discounts, and giving out Blackstone Oil Analysis bottles.  


SEMA Shows from 2001

Mar 2020 World Ag EXPO Tulare, CA

Feb 2020  Con-Ag - Las Vegas

June, 2019, SEMA Exhibitor Summit - Las Vegas, NV

Various times between 2004-2019 -National Clean Tech Open venues (Alumni)

2008-2014 Port Tech EXPO - San Pedro, CA