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November 17, 2014. San Pedro, CA. Pareto Point Industries Signs Licensing Agreement with The Donaldson Company.

Pareto Point Industries (PPI) has signed a licensing agreement with The Donaldson Company (Donaldson), a major American filter manufacturer. The agreement provides Donaldson with exclusive rights to sell certain PPI patented smart oil management technologies in Donaldson markets, while encouraging PPI to continue to sell, service and grow its own existing markets. The two companies will work jointly to build new markets, products, and applications.

According to PPI President Adan Reinosa, “This is exciting because it enables us to focus on what we do best - designing technologies and products that will improve oil, hydraulic fluid, and other related applications. We have already identified several new applications and product opportunities and will be working with Donaldson to evaluate their potential value to both of our current and future markets.”

PPI’s CEO, Bob Hammer adds, “Providing Donaldson filters strengthens both PPI’s engineering and marketing efforts by increasing our ability to provide customers with consistently high quality products and services.”

PPI will also serve as a local distributor for Donaldson filters and other products, such as their Bulk Filtration System for Diesel fuel and other hydraulic fluid storage tanks.

Pareto Point Industries, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Mr. Adan Reinosa, P.E., and Dr. Bob Hammer, with a mission to create and commercialize advanced oil and hydraulic management systems that are economically and environmentally beneficial to the end user. PPI products have won a number of commercial and sustainability awards; and our flagship product, ‘PBF', a Parallel-Flow Oil Bypass Filtration system has been published as a “Best New Product” in technical magazines. PPI is located in San Pedro, California, and is associated with PortTechLA, a business accelerator operating under the City of Los Angeles’ Green Initiative.

The Donaldson Company is a 100 year old industry leader making Air, Fuel, Oil, and Hydraulic Filtration and other related products. Donaldson, with annual sales around $3Billion, is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has an established presence in over 160 countries.

Contact: Bob Hammer, PhD., CEO, Pareto Point Industries; 302 W. 5th St. #200, San Pedro, CA, 90731; 323 726-2199 /

November 12, 2014. San Pedro, CA. Pareto Point industries Patent Application for Parallel-Flow Oil Bypass Filtration Approved by the US Patent Office - A major innovation in bypass filtration and the first to deploy parallel-flow technology.

Pareto Point Industries, Inc. (PPI), a manufacturing company, owned by a minority and a veteran entrepreneur, received notice that their latest patent has been accepted by the US Patent Office. The new technology, a parallel-flow oil bypass filtration system (called 'PBF'), for oil and hydraulic fluid filtration, has attracted continuously growing attention during the patent pending stage.

PBF diverts a small amount of oil, taken from the pump before it enters the full-flow filter, into a bypass filter where the oil is super-cleaned. Using differential pressure, the cleaned oil is returned to the flow emerging from the spin-on full-flow filter and sent directly into the engine gallery. This reduces the energy required of legacy and other bypass filtration approaches. Also, the simple design enables PBF Kit to be installed in only a few minutes, with no engine modification required. A PBF Kit for canister-equipped engines is near completion.

Finely cleaned motor oil significantly reduces engine wear, optimizing engine performance, improving mileage, deferring service intervals, and providing a number of environmental benefits. Fuel, labor, and inventory savings can bring a payback of about 8-10 months. For a fleet vehicle travelling 14,000 miles per year, getting 18 mpg, and with fuel at $4/gallon, this is about a ten times return on the investment.

According to PPI President Adan Reinosa, P.E., “During the testing and patent pending period, we have attracted not only customers in our core area, the automotive aftermarket, but have also gained the attraction of major filter OEMs. One, The Donaldson Company, is currently exploring the technology for hydraulic and other fluid applications as well as for larger ICE equipped vehicles. We have conducted several tests with Donaldson and the future looks great.”

PBF has been winning rewards and recognition. Bob Hammer, Ph.D., PPI’s CEO says “While in the process of validating PBF, we received awards from SEMA, a world class aftermarket trade association, from the National CleanTech Open, from PortTechLA, and from a number of magazines, including Off-Road and Diesel World. We also received kudos after installation from a large number of our initial customers. Oil sampling, in many cases, was even better than predicted. We are now looking to bring this technology to a wide variety of applications, including small, medium, and even large duty engines and stationary sources, such as generators; to hydraulics, and a few others we will announce as they launch. We are very excited that what was initially a rather small, singular application has so many legs.”

PPI would like to take this opportunity to also thank the many early adopters, technical editors, judges and other subject matter experts, other consultants, and our potential new partners and customers. We look forward to serving all of you by continuing to bringing you high quality products that save you time and money and also have a positive impact on the environment.

Contact: Bob Hammer, PhD., CEO, Pareto Point Industries; 302 W. 5th St. #200, San Pedro, CA, 90731; 323 726-2199 /

October 10, 2013. San Pedro, CA. Pareto Point Industries to Launch Two Companion Products to the TopDog-V, a Parallel-Flow Oil Bypass Filtration System at the 2013 SEMA Show.

In late 2010, Pareto Point Industries (PPI) unveiled TopDog-V, an on-board parallel-flow oil bypass filtration system that super-cleans motor oil, reducing engine wear and providing many other benefits. Since then, TopDog-V has received many positive product reviews, such as placing on Diesel World’s Top New Products List for 2011 and receiving CalTech Green Entrepreneurs’ Forum praise as a ‘game-changing’ new product. In 2012, TopDog-V received honorable mention from the prestigious National Cleantech Competition. Under the commercial product name of ‘PBF’, the product is now being offered to fleets, offering them the same benefit of significantly reduced engine wear, better mileage, longer service intervals, greater engine longevity, quick installation (requiring no engine modification), and more.

TopDog-V, however, has been limited to virtually all vehicles using spin-on oil filters. According to company president Adan Reinosa, P.E., “We have not been able to serve a growing number of potential customers with canister-type oil filters who want to take advantage of the benefits that TopDog-V offers. To satisfy this demand, we’ve worked hard to develop a number of solutions, eventually choosing the one which is the most elegant and least complicated." Mr. Reinosa goes on to state that “Like its spin-on counterpart, the canister system super-cleans oil to 2 microns or better, reducing engine wear. It will also contain a few new value-added tricks.” The system will be on display at the 2013 SEMA Show in Booth 35262.

Many customers have expressed concern that their oil filters appear to be too small for their engine size and working demands. They would appreciate having the benefits of increased oil volume, extended filter service intervals, added dirt holding capacity, and peace of mind that their engine is being adequately protected. To meet this demand, PPI has developed FilterBooster, a supplemental filtration system that consists of a second, larger full-flow filter with powerful Neodymium magnets built into the mount base. PPI’s CEO, Dr. Bob Hammer states, “This product brings our popular MagDog magnetic filtration device, originally developed for those who frequently change their oil to a higher level.” FilterBooster provides longer useful oil life, magnetic protection, additional cooling, and more thorough filtration, due to slower oil flow through the parallel connected larger filter.” Dr. Hammer concludes that "FilterBooster addresses some of the processes involved in engine wear problems as does TopDog-V, while resolving an expressed customer need. It also allows us to provide a variety of benefits at different price points, enabling us to address specific areas of customer concern."

Both of these products will be on display at SEMA November 5-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Booth 35262 (near the New Products Showcase).

Contact: Bob Hammer, PhD., CEO, Pareto Point Industries;  302 W. 5th St. #200, San Pedro, CA, 90731; 323 726-2199 /

November 26, 2012. San Pedro, CA. Pareto Point Industries’ MagDog Magnetic Filtration Device goes International.

Following a successful SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Pareto Point Industries (PPI) has signed agreements with several international distributors to sell MagDog in their home countries. These distributors, located in Australia, Asia, and Canada, will begin distribution after the first of the year, 2013.

MagDog, an inexpensive and simple to install magnetic filtration device sits between the engine and full flow filter, collecting ferrous (metallic) contaminants, the major cause of engine wear, in a quiet zone. The device contains screened Neodymium (Rare Earth) magnets that capture and hold the debris until the unit is opened and cleaned. This can occur at the end of every race cycle, periodically during engine break-in, or about every three or four oil/filter changes. When the unit is opened, the amount of debris present will provide very interesting visual data regarding the engine condition.

According to Dr. Bob Hammer, CEO of Pareto Point Industries, “We are very happy that this popular product is now becoming valued internationally. Our US customers have been great, keeping us informed of how well the product is working, and some even have stories to tell regarding how it has helped them in various ways while they were racing.”

Contact: Bob Hammer, PhD., CEO, Pareto Point Industries; 302 W. 5th St. #200, San Pedro, CA, 90731; 323 726-2199 /

Sept. 15, 2012. San Pedro, CA. TopDog-V: Inexpensive, Quick to Install Oil Bypass Filtration Systems.

In late 2010, Pareto Point Industries (PPI) unveiled TopDog-V, a patent-pending parallel-flow oil bypass filtration system, an innovative product that super-cleans motor oil to well below the 10 micron threshold for major wear damage. TopDog- V placed on Diesel World’s Top New Products that were exhibited at the SEMA Show in 2010 and also in 2011. It was also recognized by SEMA as part of their go-green program. Product reviews appeared in Performance Racing, 4Runner, Off-Road, and other magazines. TopDog V was cited as a ground-breaking technology by the Cal-Tech Green Entrepreneurial Forum. TopDog-V is migrating to fleets, where it will be known, with a few enhancements, as PBF. PBF recently achieved Regional Semifinalist status in the National Cleantech Open competition, and has received a number of other awards. Recognition on blogs and forums for both TopDog-V and now PBF have been very positive.

According to PPI CEO, Dr. Bob Hammer, “The heavy trucking industry has used oil bypass filtration for a very long time, and the benefits of clean oil filtration have been known. But the systems have been too costly and or complex for both the mass consumer and the small fleet owner. Not any longer. We had made the technology easier to grasp and more readily accessible to this audience. We are now seeing it taking hold in an increasingly wide range of vehicle, from working Diesels to four cylinder passenger gas engines. This is a great tool for fleet managers who are constantly fighting to control costs and meet new economic and environmental regulations and mandates. In fact, we have documented instances where PBF has paid for itself in nine months or even less, has reduced fuel consumption by up to 10% and reduced emissions as well .”

Both TopDog-V and PBF offer the benefits traditional (legacy) bypass filtration systems provide, including less engine wear, better mileage, lower emissions, longer oil and filter service intervals, and more. This is accomplished through a system adapter that can be installed in about 15-20 minutes or less with no engine modification, rather than the three to six or more hours of labor required by other systems. Further, once in place, clean oil exiting the system adapter is sent directly into the engine, eliminating the traditional “sidestreaming” of oil from the engine to the sump. The engine now utilizes 100% of the lubricant flow, critical for stressful engine situations, and very important for older, out of warranty engines. The filters work in a complementary way, allowing each to last longer. And if the bypass filer clogs, the full-flow filter will continue to operate normally. The adapter has ports for connecting devices to the oil system, such as oil coolers, filter load indicators, pumps, oil sampling, or other diagnostic tools or devices.

TopDog-V and PBF provide low cost insurance with superb benefits to individual car owners, light fleet asset managers, and racers. Dr. Hammer concludes, “We have had our products on all types of racing vehicles, and the results are consistently outstanding. TopDog-V is a great way to ensure peak performance as well as asset protection, whether racing, going off-road, working, or for all-around driving; and because of its environmental advantages, PBF has been recognized as a green product. And both are  manufactured in the USA.” According to Dr. Hammer, the long-term focus for PBF also includes heavy duty vehicles, non-wheeled vehicles, and machinery and stationary equipment, such as generators. “We see a broad spectrum of applications and will begin to tool up for these markets in the very near future.”

Contact: Bob Hammer, PhD., CEO, Pareto Point Industries; 302 W. 5th St. #200, San Pedro, CA, 90731; 323 726-2199 / info@paretopoint.comSan Pedro, 

CA. JULY 12, 2012. Pareto Point Industries Wins SemiFinalist in National CleanTech Open Competition.

Pareto Point Industries (PPI) has been selected as a semifinalist in the 2012 National CleanTech Open (CTO) Competition for its innovative, patent-pending PBF (Parallel-Flow Oil Bypass Filtration). PPI is now eligible for Regional and National Awards, totaling $1,000,000 in cash, products, services and media recognition.

Developed primarily for smaller engines and equipment, PBF is an affordable and easy-to-install technology that finely cleans motor (or any other lubricating) oil, reducing frictional and other losses caused by engine wear, while optimizing performance. Finely cleaned oil allows vehicle or equipment owners to extend oil and filter changes, saving time and money while reducing the national demand for scarce resources.

According to PPI’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Bob Hammer, “Being recognized by CleanTech Open, the world’s largest sustainable business accelerator, is a great honor. The mentoring and training process is helping us develop more effective ways to work closely with our customers, so we can be very responsive to their needs. Through CTO we have been exposed to a growing number of potential partners, funders, customers and mentors. We look forward to the Regional competition and then, hopefully it’s on to the Nationals.” Prior to the CTO competition, PPI landed other awards, honors, and recognition for PBF and other products in the automotive aftermarket, and also from equipment and machinery, technical editors and industry experts.

PPI has been involved in oil management products for over 10 years and offers a number of oil filtration products, such as the MagDog Magnetic Filtration Device, popular with engine builders, off-roaders and racers. As automotive industry enthusiasts, PPI team members have rebuilt classic and muscle cars, and won Road Rally trophies. The management team members all have extensive experience and advanced technical and business degrees. PPI, located in Southern California, owns numerous US and international patents, and is a minority-certified business. The principals are an Hispanic and a veteran.

As a client of PortTechLA, a clean tech business incubator located adjacent to the Port of Los Angeles, PPI receives additional business coaching and mentoring. According to Dr. Hammer, “Working with PortTechLA has helped us develop our go-to-market strategies so that we can consistently provide our clients with real value. We are constantly fine-tuning our ability to even exceed our customers’ expectations, from technology to customer service.”

PPI President Adan Reinosa, P.E., states, “As a company, we take great pride in bringing high quality products to market that are designed not only to meet our customers’ demands, but are provide economic and environmental value. The CTO Award is a great validation to us; proof that we’re moving In the right direction.”

The CleanTech Open mission is to find, fund and foster entrepreneurs that address today’s most urgent energy, environmental and economic challenges. Founded in 2006, the organization accelerates clean technology entrepreneurs by providing expertise, training, and other support. The Competition has six categories: Transportation, Energy Efficiency, Smart Power, Renewable Energy, Green Buildings, and Air, Water & Waste. The 2012 Regional Award judging will take place in October, and the National winners will be announced in November.

Contact: Bob Hammer, PH.D., CEO, Pareto Point Industries; 302 W. 5th St. #200, San Pedro, CA, 90731; 323 726-2199 /

For more information about CleanTech Open, contact:

Nancy Bahamondes, Executive Assistant to Rex Northen, Executive Director

Cleantech Open, 2395 Broadway Street, Redwood City, CA 94063

888.989.OPEN, 650.242.4004 Direct,

For more information about the PortTechLA Incubator, contact:

Stan Tomsic, Executive Director, PortTechLA

302 W. 5th Street, Ste. 200, San Pedro, CA 90731

(310) 519-1801,