We are excited to be preparing for SEMA 2018.  Expect some surprises to be announced soon.  It has been a very busy year and we appreciate the great response to our products.  We will be offering two versions of TopDog-V while we complete testing on Filteröl.  We will continue to sell the full version of TopDog-V at a discounted price of $199 until November 30 and the lighter version at $115.  This includes all taxes and shipping. Click the "BUY NOW" or  Pricing button for further details and to go to the PayPal site.


San Pedro, Calif., October 31, 2017.  Pareto Point Industries (PPI) new and updated advanced oil filtration products will be on display at the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV Oct. 31 to Nov. 3, 2017.   We will be continuously demonstrating how these products improve performance while reducing costs (Booth 34154 – Upper South Hall).       

Keeping your oil healthy is the key to engine longevity. According to the SAE and other studies, the most serious engine damage is from debris smaller than 10 microns.  By removing harmful particles down to 2-Microns, compared to the 25-40 microns that a full flow filter traps, fine oil filtration can at least double your engine life.  By the way, a grain of table salt measures about 100 microns. 

This year, we are introducing Filteröl (pronounced FilterAll), a patented, and patent-pending innovative Serial Advanced Oil Filtration System, priced at $99 for mass market appeal.Filteröl works together with any spin-on oil filter to deliver 2-Micron oil filtration, and is bolt-on, without the need for any engine modifications. Filteröl delivers, more mileage, more oil volume, and longer oil and filter service life.  Protecting the engine and critical components can extend the vehicles engine service life by double or more; and with a smaller environmental footprint.

We are also introducing the Omega+ permanent spin-on full-flow oil filter as a companion to Filteröl. Omega+ contains an easily accessible, cleanable stainless steel element.  Universal ring couplers are provided to adapt the filter to your vehicle.  An additional filter element is provided to keep you on the road.  The Omega+ kit is priced at $299.

This year, we are also offering TopDog-V, our top-line filtration system, at a special SEMA Show price of $199 for units purchased during the Show.  The units will be shipped shortly after the show.

For most of PPI’s products, the payback is less than one year, rapidly pay for themselves many times over.  And for many, engine life can be doubled or more.


Pareto Point Industries, based in San Pedro, California, has been developing advanced clean oil filtration products for almost 20 years.  Recent awards include: SEMA (Best Product Runner Up, Trucks/SUVs), National CleanTech Open (Semifinalist), Best Products Diesel World (two entries), Cal Tech Green Entrepreneurs Forum (“Game-Changing Technology”), and technical (peer review) and customer testimonials.